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Contemporary education is in need of radical change. Many public schools are irreparably dysfunctional or managed by people who are unconcerned with education or who prioritize politics at its expense. Many private schools are either beyond the reach of most families or suffer the same cultural bankruptcy. Schools are failing to teach students basic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics, and it is getting worse.

Many parents wish to home-school their children but hesitate to do so at the high school level because they lack sufficient subject-matter knowledge in certain areas. Some are concerned about credentials for college admissions. Others just want to leave the school system but find no comprehensive alternative.

Our objective is to solve these problems with a classical education. A classical education is based on the trivium, a tripartite division of grammar, logic, and rhetoric, which gives students a foundation with which to read, write, and speak well. Students learn perennially useful skills on which higher-order skills are built.

Classes are held in a Socratic seminar in which students share their ideas in a directed discussion with the aid of a teacher. Students are encouraged to ask challenging questions of their own views and those of others in learning to think for themselves. Students do not have their time wasted with tests and grading systems, both of which have become meaningless.

We want politics out of schools and for them simply to educate students again. If they will not, we will do so ourselves.