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What about college?

Applying to college outside of the regular school system is easier than most people think. For full information, please see the Home School Legal Defense Association page for New Hampshire.

Nota bene: The steps here constitute one of many options. See this page for a broad overview of college preparation information and more options here.

Step 1: Comply with basic law

a. Notify your participating agency.

b. Make a portfolio.

c. Annually, EITHER (1) evaluate your portfolio OR (2) take a standardized test.

d. Self-certify graduation (if over 18, this step is not required).

Step 2: Prepare application

a. Take a college entrance exam.

b. Take AP or CLEP exams for college credit.

c. Include extracurricular activities.

d. Make your transcript.

Step 3: Apply

a. Gather application information.

b. Apply.